Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Baby Quilt is finished.

I worked several hours on this project on Sunday afternoon and evening, and I'm really happy to say that the baby quilt is done and on its way to my friends and their new baby girl. This was a fun project, but I really was foolish to think that I could get it done this time of the year without a lot of struggle and stress...Why didn't I start this quilt when my friends first called me with their good news back in March or April? Of course, then it would have been harder to choose my fabric for this project, unless I'd looked for colors and prints that were fairly gender neutral.

Anyway, it was a good project for me to do because it was fairly simple, and I haven't done very much in the past few years in the way of complicated quilt top piecing. I think it turned out really pretty. The baby's name is Emma Rose, and the pink fabric has tiny little antique roses with leaves in a color that coordinates well with the color of the leaves in the green fabric. I chose green as well with this particular baby in mind because her mother (one of my old college friends) told me that she and her husband painted their baby's room sage green. And, I chose a simple, traditional design not only because it would be fast and easy, but also because my friend loves antiques and wants the baby's room to have more of an antique feel to it, instead of choosing a theme for the room (like Winnie the Pooh or Noah's Ark, etc.)


USAincognito said...

Congrats on getting the quilt done!! :) My mother is learning how to quilt and I think she is still working on her first one. Can't remember. All I know is, it looks too complicated for me to have enough patience to sit down and try to do it! ;)

Karen said...

Thanks, Shorty! And boy, is it ever fun to be able to post a photo of it online so easily! We're really enjoying our new digital camera...Regarding the quilting--I bet you could do it if you wanted, but everyone is different. As I said before, I can see your creativity expressed through your photography. I hope that your Mom is enjoying the process of making her first quilt. Maybe she'll make one for you some day? :-)