Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I won again!!!

Wow! I used to say that I never win contests, but I certainly can't say that anymore. Lori, who produces a wonderful sewing podcast called Sew Forth Now, picked my name to win Simplicity pattern # 3631. I've admired that pattern when she has posted it on her website, and I've thought that the jumper would especially be a fun thing to make. The jacket it really interesting, too, but I try to avoid spending too much time making things that end up looking dated in the years to come. And that jacket, though it's stunning, looks like a potentially trendy piece...though it is really cute, and it definitely has some retro charm.

Anyway, that was the start of my Tuesday. So I'm giving thanks to the Lord for the many unexpected ways that He blesses me. I hope and pray that your eyes are open today to the many ways that He is blessing you.


Andrea said...

Oh, I enjoy sewing but do not have the time like I used to. When my girls were younger I would make them the cutest dresses.

Speaking of blessings, God blesses me and my family many times a day. :)

Karen said...

Hi, Andrea! What a blessing to your girls to sew them little dresses when they were young! My mother sewed my clothes for many years, and I look back at that now and just see so much evidence of her love for me, and for my sister, too. I hope that you're able to find time to sew sometime again in the future. That sewing podcast I mentioned in this post had a good article on the therapeutic impact of sewing on stress. From novice to expert seamstress, there's evidence that it actually lowers your blood pressure when you sew! Also, I'm so glad to hear that you're looking out for God's daily blessings, too. He's so good to us, all the time! Have a good day, Andrea, and thank you again for taking the time to write.

USAincognito said...

Congrats on winning! :) It is kind of fun to win stuff when you least expect it! :)

Karen said...

Thanks, Shorty! Yes, it is even more fun when it's totally unexpected. I hope that your week is starting well! :-)