Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Failed Crochet Project

Well, I had to frog another crochet project. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last.

I tried to make the cloche hat that you see pictured to the right...probably three times now. I tried it once a couple of years ago using some navy yarn. That time, my cloche turned into a beret. It was so flat that I started decreasing my stitches as an attempt to make something other than a pancake--thus, a beret was born. My husband told me that he thinks it looks cute on me, but I haven't had the courage to wear it outside the house.

A few days ago, I tried this hat again, this time using some of the lovely red wool that I had left after finishing my Sweet Pea Shawl. I could just imagine how pretty that hat would look, especially if I used some darker red to add a little contrast to the flower. So I grabbed my hooks and yarn again on Sunday afternoon, but I soon found myself with another pancake on my hands.

Yesterday, over lunch at work, I frogged the new pancake and started the hat all over again. This time, using the same red wool, I adjusted the pattern a bit, trying to use a method my mother-in-law uses with success. She never uses a pattern. She just shapes the hat as she goes...increasing some rows and crocheting other rows with any increase to give it shape. Her hats always seem to turn out well.

For a while, my revised pattern looked like it would work. It was turning into more of a head shape than a pancake this time, but then I tried it on last night in front of a mirror...and saw the little point at the top of my head.

So today, as I started lunch here at work, I added a few more rows. Perhaps I was thinking that I could pull the hat into a better shape, smoothing the little point away somehow. But it soon became obvious that the point wouldn't go away. So I frogged my project again.

I'd still like to make a cloche hat, but I think I'd better buy the kind of yarn the pattern calls for the next time, rather than trying to use what I already have in my stash.


USAincognito said...

lol. Couldn't help but smile after reading about your several mishaps with trying to make this hat. You have more motivation than me to keep trying to make it, though! Heck, I don't even attempt to pick up anything that has to do with sewing or crocheting, etc., because I know it will always fail disastrously! haha!!
Hope your next attempt is one of success!!

Karen said...

I bet that you COULD do a great job with some kind of craft, Shorty, if that's something you ever would want to do. Most people enjoy creating something, even if it's not a traditional craft like sewing or quilting or crochet. For example, you seem to enjoy photography, right? That's can be considered a craft or an art, too, right? I think it's all about finding something that you enjoy creating...For that matter, your adventures in the kitchen are creative, too! :-)

Karen said...

Oh, and Shorty, thank you for your well wishes about my next attempt...I'm thrilled to tell you that my FIFTH time trying this pattern worked out really well! I plan to take a photo (old fashioned kind of photo) of it soon so that I can eventually scan and post it on my blog. I've developed some of my other crafty type photos now, but I still need to make time to scan them in so that I can post them. In any case, I love my new cloche hat, and I'm going to be working on a matching scarf over my lunch hours this week. :-)

USAincognito said...

So glad that it turned out!! :) I am sure you are quite happy that it turned out like it was supposed to. Can't wait to see a picture of it! :)
If I had more time, I really would like to get a more expensive, high-tec camera so I could spend more time on my photography. I do enjoy taking pictures. Just hard to find time to do it some weeks. ;)
I guess I like doing stuff outdoors like camping, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, riding horses, etc. I find it hard to sit still for very long! lol! ;)

Karen said...

Hi Shorty! It is a challenge to find time for some of my hobbies, too. Crochet is easy for me, because it's so portable. But sewing and quilting usually have to be reserved for times when I'm home long enough to do them--and even then, they always have to take a backseat to other responsibilities around the house.

Also, your "other stuff" sounds like fun, too. My husband and I enjoy hiking together, and I love to go fishing with my father. We're not into the other activities you mentioned (i.e., camping, rock climbing, horseback riding), but I love to read about what you do in those areas, too. You help to expand my horizons a bit that way...Isn't it great that we're all created a little different from those around us? :-)