Monday, February 18, 2008

Mittens for my Sweetheart

I finished a pair of mittens for my Sweetheart, just in time for another way of bone-chilling temperatures here in the Twin Cities.

As one of my coworkers reminded me this morning, winter is only half over in this part of the country. We can have snow as late as April, which could be depressing if you don't just fix your heart on being thankful for each day, regardless of the forecast.

Here's one thing to be thankful for today. I had a sunrise to enjoy on my drive to work this morning, and it was still light outside for an hour after I got home again this evening. That's almost 11 hours of daylight, after several weeks of driving to and from work in the dark.

Also, I'm thankful that my favorite AM radio stations will have a signal during some of my off-work hours. I don't understand why, in this day and age, only a few select radio stations are allowed to broadcast at full power during the hours before sunrise and after sunset. But whatever the reason, I'm thankful to have more choice in terms of stations on the radio.

Those are just a few reasons specifically that I'm thankful today. I could also talk about my sweet husband, who obligingly allows me to take his photo wearing his new mittens, just as long as I don't include his face in the photo.

Oh, and he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt this time of the year. He wears them all year round. He does have a warm coat to wear outdoors, but he's happy to wear a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt indoors any time. When I remark about how I can't believe that he can be warm when I'm shivering beside him in church--me wearing wool from head to foot--he just tells me that it's the "curse of testerone".

And I really can't end this post with my partial list of reasons to be thankful without being thankful to the Lord, who created my Sweetheart and gave him a heart to love me. God is so good to us. Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Honey!


USAincognito said...

Thanks for the depressing reminder that winter is not even half over for us up here......*SOB*....I wanna go back South!!!

Karen said...

I'm sorry, Shorty...I hope that you can find some warmth and sunshine in your life soon, even if it's not in the weather forecast...I guess, the way I look at it, since it's going to be cold, snowy, and icy, it's best to focus on other things. But I'm sure that's easier to do when you don't have to be out on the road for your work. From your blog, it really sounds like you've had a hard winter this year. How is your new home? And how is Kira these days?