Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm done with my first pair of socks!!!

Another project I did while I was sick was finish my first pair of hand-knit socks. I used the pattern and method described on Knitting Step by Step, a knitting podcast. The instructions were a little tricky to follow when I got to the part where I was knitting the gusset, but another site I found proved to be a good supplement to the podcast's instructions.

Oh, and I should probably explain that I enlisted my husband's help to take this photo of me and new socks. I was sitting on our living room couch in my pajamas at the time (convalescing from my head cold). The little gray guy in the background of the photo is our dog Charlie, who is also lounging. He's wearing a little doggie sweater, which I didn't knit, but it's still cute.

Now I'm on to another knitting project. I'm making a pair of mittens for my husband to use as liners under his big leather chopper mittens. The choppers have linings already, but with sub-zero temperatures like we've been having here in Minnesota this winter, wearing a second pair of mittens underneath the choppers will be helpful, especially when he's clearing our long driveway.

I'm so grateful to have his help with that. When I was living here as a single woman more than four years ago, I hired a snowplow to do my driveway, but I still had to keep up with the front walk and the porch and deck. Now my Sweetie does it all...Thank the Lord!


Tracy said...

WOW! I am ever so impressed!

Karen said...

Thank you, Tracy! They aren't perfect, but they are nice and warm! And they were so much fun to make! I've been admiring your crochet work recently. Those bags you made are lovely! And I've got to try your soft pretzel recipe soon! :-)