Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank you to Dr. Julie-Ann McFann

I just wanted to quickly post a thank you to Dr. Julie-Ann McFann for mentioning my blog on the September 2nd episode of her fashion sewing podcast, called Grandma's Sewing Cabinet. If you enjoy sewing (or want to be inspired to learn to sew), I would highly recommend listening to her program online or through itunes. In describing herself, she explains that she is a not a professional seamstress, but I have so been so impressed by the sewing that she does in her spare time. And I've really enjoyed hearing her talk about her memories of her grandmother, whose sewing cabinet she inherited.

I should probably note that I contacted her first, or she might not have ever found my little blog in cyberspace. She had asked for zucchini recipes, and I sent her a link to my blog. She was exceedingly kind to not only visit but also mention me...I am continually amazed at the kindness of other women who write blogs and record podcasts Julie also has a fun blog of her own, which she often uses to post photos of her sewing projects. Julie has inspired me to get back into fashion sewing again, after years of focusing on quilting and craft-type sewing instead.

So again, thank you, Dr. Julie-Ann McFann, for your kindness and for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm for fashion sewing! :-)

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